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Striving for Excellency and Perfection

TOP LEVEL MENA is a well-established international full service marketing research agency established in 2010. It has been providing fieldwork operation services to national and multinational clients in Middle East North Africa (MENA), South Asia and South East Asia.

TOP LEVEL offers full range of market research services to support clients to define and achieve their goals timely. It has delivered growth and business-building results for clients by rigorously applying the principle along with appropriate research methods.

The foundation of TOP LEVEL’s success and core asset, are the highly skilled and experienced research professionals who are dedicated to serve each client’s needs with understanding, involvement and commitment. This enables TOP LEVEL to provide professional, reliable and quality services to our local and regional clients in all sectors.

Top Level MENA has its offices in Algeria, Egypt, India, KSA, Morocco and UAE.

Top Level is a registered research agency with ESOMAR https://directory.esomar.org/, which is the essential organization for encouraging, advancing and elevating market research worldwide.

"Achieve competitive advantage with the power of information from TOP LEVEL MENA"


TOP LEVEL provides all kinds of marketing research services globally. Our research experts focus on identifying the needs and requirements of our clients and develop strategies that achieve and sustain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. TOP LEVEL’s services include:

Qualitative Research

Qualitative research is a vital component in decision-oriented marketing research. It is especially useful in developing hypotheses about consumer motivations and in helping to understand a topic from the consumer's perspective, in the consumer's own language. Qualitative research is primarily an exploratory and/or a motivational technique. It is used to identify important marketing variables and to suggest the relationships among those variables so that quantitative techniques can be utilized. Our team of qualitative experts emphasize nondirective and projective interviewing techniques to produce the most inclusive and unbiased results. TOP LEVEL offers both in-person and online qualitative research services ...

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Online Research

TOP LEVEL has developed its own online panel based in Middle East North Africa (MENA) region, where internet users voluntarily joined our platform to take part in online surveys regularly.Furthermore, we have collaborated with one of the international online panel providers to get easy access multiple online panel across the world. ...

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Quantitative Research

Our philosophy is to deliver expert quantitative research services to our clients by adopting appropriate research design and tools, and to fulfill their market research needs. We adopt a flexible approach to data collection, analysis, business intelligence and partnerships in achieving business growth for the clients.Moreover we believe in implementing innovative strategies and techniques backed by our strong theoretical understanding and deep knowledge of traditional processes in conducting quantitative research for any industry. ...

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Investigative Research

TOP LEVEL offers investigative research to gather secondary information including: Paving a way for primary market research  Analyzing the external market environment Getting customer information Providing an internal analysis Making a better decision in current situation ...

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